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Join Registered Nutritionist Laura Thomas, PhD for conversations with game changers. Laura talks to people in wellness, foodies, bloggers, entrepreneurs from cool brands, creatives, nutritionists, doctors, body positivity people, mindfulness experts, and anyone else who is shaking up the wellness world, to find out how they stay on top of their game – and to help you do you, but better. It’s not all handstands and courgetti though - she and her guests aren’t afraid to dig deep into the darker side of wellness and WILL call BS on weird, faddy trends, that don’t have any legitimacy or scientific merit. Fresh pods every Friday. #dontsaltmygame
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Dec 1, 2017

In the final episode of 2017, we're talking to the sensational Fiona Sutherland, non-diet dietitian & yoga teacher, about how to navigate the holidays around food, body image, and diet chat. We discuss everything from how to cope with food guilt & anxiety, to how to stop food FOMO, breaking the binge/restrict cycle, and how to deal with diet chat and the food police. This is probably my favourite episode of the whole year; Fiona is a total babe, so warm and compassionate but doesn't take any crap. Exactly our kind of people. I really think you're going to love this episode. 


This episode is Sponsored by the London Centre for Intuitive Eating - This Christmas give the gift of a healthy relationship to food with a gift certificate to my Food Fight programme. 10% of each course sold will be donated to Help Refugees.

 Show Notes

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{Fiona on Twitter | Instagram}
{The Mindful Dietitian}
{Yoga Body Image Coalition
{Yoga & Body Image}
{Australian Kelpie}
{Self Compassion Activities}
{HIIT to Help donation page}
{The Rooted Project on Instagram}
Nov 24, 2017

This Black Friday we're celebrating the little guys; the indie makers, creators, designers and small shops in our That's My Jam Christmas Gift Guide Special. Emily Beeson, the blogger and creative soul at Young Gold Teeth shares her favourite independents where you can find that really special gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. Whether they're the nester/homebody type, the foodie, or you just need a secret santa gift that doesn't suck, we got you. Emily also shares where to find Christmas crackers that don't suck, pretty Christmas cards, and experiential gifts that aren't your average trashy Groupon. We also talk about Emily's extensive knowledge of celebrity animals (and why you need them in your Insta feed). PLUS, she smack talks Drake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ P.S. neither Emily or I are judgey about shopping on the high street (Amazon is my lifeline), we just wanted to big up some of the little guys who don't get enough air time.

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This episode is Sponsored by the London Centre for Intuitive Eating - This Christmas give the gift of a healthy relationship to food with a gift certificate to my Food Fight programme. 10% of each course sold will be donated to Help Refugees.

Copy of White and Brown with Gingerbread Pattern Christmas Gift Certificate


{Emily on Instagram | Twitter}
{Young Gold Teeth}
{Emily for The Papergang Blog}


{Luks Linen - throws, blankets, Turkish towels and linens I’m loving}
{Copper & Solder - handmade concrete and copper accessories} 
Smug - for plants and pots} 
The Future Kept - (We talked about them last year but if I had to pick one, TFK would be my favourite shop. They have a whole gift category for the home filled with handmade ceramics and candles that are really beautiful and all have a story to tell.)}


{Bybi by Clean Beauty Co - for skincare} 
{Sister and Co -  for body treats} 
LA EVA  - for bath and shower gifts} 


{Outdoors workshops with Axe and Paddle (not for everyone but a great team of inspiring people)}
{Range of creative workshops at The Forge, Bristol} 
{Silver ring making workshops with The Workbench}
{Range of lovely workshops at &Hobbs, Surrey}


{Caro x Chocolate Society bars}
{Honest Brew Craft Beers} -  (also Salthouse Bottles, my local beer shop)
{The Goodness Project hampers


{Papersmiths for beautiful books (Do Book Co and coffee table books especially)} 
{Magculture for magazines (my favourites are 91, Hole & Corner, Huck and Frankie & Cherry Bombe)}
{School of Life for deep thinking and life lessons}


{Homage Shop, Brighton}
{Midgely Green, Clevedon}
{Maud’s House, North Yorkshire} 
{Future + Found, London}


{Ohh Deer for Secret Santa gifts} 
{The Hambledon for crackers and cards}
{West Elm - juniper fox tree decoration (doesn’t say on the British West Elm site but proceeds go to ASPCA) there are four decorations based on Insta-famous animals}
{Thornback & Peel screen-printed Christmas collection} 

Celebrity Animals You Should Follow

{Juniper Fox}
{Smoothie the cat} 
{Pumpkin the Raccoon}
{Dogs Being Basic}

Nov 17, 2017
This week we're talking to Michelle Elman, the 'grammer behind two of my fave Insta accounts; Scarred not Scared and Body Positive Memes. We talk about her WILD medical history, including 15 surgeries, a brain tumour, and a near death experience. WHOAH. Plus, how to cultivate body positivity when your body has been through SO MUCH STUFF. Plus we talk about Health at Every Size, Intuitive Eating, and why you deserve to take a break BEFORE you break down. 
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Show Notes
{Michelle on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook}
Nov 10, 2017

Today we're talking to Catherine Lippe, a Registered Nutritionist who specialises in paediatric and maternal nutrition, about how to raise intuitive eaters. The things we say, how we act, and what we *think* kids should do can all influence how kids relate to food, and sometimes we do or say things with the best of intentions, that can totally backfire. Catherine shares her tips for things to look out for and we share a model for child feeding that helps take the pressure off parents, and helps the kid build a sense of autonomy and independence around food. The goal here is to help kids preserve their innate hunger and fullness cues and have a healthy relationship to food. We also discuss why restriction of certain foods might actually lead to eating MORE of those foods in the long run, and why it might not be the best idea to use creative coercion tactics to get kids to eat their veg! We just scratched the surface of things to talk about related to raising kids who have a happy, healthy relationship to food, so make sure you check out the show notes for more resources.


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{Catherine's Website}
{Catherine on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook}
{Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility in Feeding}
{Ellyn Satter's Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family}
{The Body Book}
{I Love the Shape of Me}
{The Child Feeding Guide}

Oct 27, 2017

If you experience digestive issues or period problems, then this is the episode for you. Today I'm joined by Robyn Nohling, a Nurse Practitioner & Registered Dietitian based in NYC who specialises in eating disorders and women's health. We talk about how restricting food to try and solve your digestive issues might be self-defeating, and could cause more stress and functional problems if you're not addressing the underlying causes. We discuss the gut-brain axis and the role stress plays on our digestive system and how just thinking a food is bad for you might cause a negative physiological response (the nocebo effect). Plus the best ways to support your digestive health if you're recovering from restrictive eating. Then we switch things up and talk about periods, hormones, and what the heck is causing your period to disappear, aka hypothalamic amenorrhea. Plus what to do to help you get your period back, and what the big deal is with it being gone in the first place!

Oct 20, 2017

Are you ready to shut down some beauty myths? Because consultant dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto is here to SHUT 👏 THEM 👏 DOWN 👏 - do you really need eye cream? What about double -cleansing? And do oil based serums actually help with acne? Anjali distills down what we really need in our bathroom cabinets, and what's just junk. Plus we talk about the unrealistic beauty standards placed on women and how dermatologists need to step up and take responsibility when they suspect body dysmorphia. Plus why we need to celebrate the wisdom and experience of older women instead of trying to erase them from consciousness. So much great stuff in this episode, LEAN IN.

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Show Notes - full notes at

{Anjali on Instagram | Twitter}
{Anjali on Huffington Post}
{Preorder Anjali's Book}
{Anjali's Clinics: Skin 55 | Cadogan Clinic}
{Dr Pimple Popper}

Anjali's Skincare Recommendations:

Sun Screen
Heliocare 360 gel oil-free SPF 50

Facial Cleansers
Oily skin:

Sensitive Skin

Antioxidant Serums

Skin brightening agents (ingredients to look out for):

  • Arbutin
  • Kojic or mandelic acid
  • Glabridin (licorice)
  • Azelaic acid

Retinoid or Vitamin A based products:

Oct 13, 2017

YOU GUYS, this episode is 🔥🔥🔥 Megan Crabbe, aka BodyPosiPanda, BoPo warrior, author, and earth angel is back on the pod for round 2 (go back and listen to my first ep with her - #4). In this episode we talk about Megan’s experiences writing the book, and how that was for her in terms of her mental health. We talk about anxieties, insecurities,  imposter syndrome and the comparison game. So yes, even one of the most influential body positivity advocates on Instagram has bad days and I’m so grateful to Megan for being so honest with us about her mental health. We also talk about what happens when you are learning to eat intuitively and some of the challenges of that process and how to deal with the fear that you may never stop eating. You guys sent me a bunch of questions on this so I’ve tried to work them in. We talk about some common questions that come up around health and body positivity, Megan shuts down diet culture, we talk about how to deal with diet mentality, and why representation and diversity of bodies is so important. We talk about thin privilege, and soooo much more. And then Megan leaves us with her top tips for body positivity, aside from buying her book, which, if you don’t have it yet, then what are you doing with your life?

Sep 29, 2017

So excited to share this interview with Anna Kessel which was recorded live at the London Podcast Festival (which is why we sound like we're underwater at some parts 🐡). Anna is a sports journalist and author who advocates for gender equality in sports, but don't stress, she's not preachy about it. Having spent her formative years dodging PE like the rest of us, Anna developed a relationship with sport a bit later in life. We talk about how that relationship has changed over the years, especially now she is a mother. We also discuss how movement can ground us in our bodies and help us develop a better body image instead of being outside and looking at it more critically. However, this is pretty antithetical to the message we get from the #fitspo and #noexcuses movements which use punitive messaging to shame people into working out, or prey on our insecurities about our physical appearance. We also talk about campaigns that get it right and really empower women, like This Girl Can. Plus why it's so important that little girls have options besides party shoes for wearing to school. We also have some great questions from the audience at the end. Enjoy!

Show Notes

{Anna on Twitter | Instagram}
{Eat Sweat Play}
{Maureen Lipman BT Advert}
{This Girl Can Old & New Ads}
{Anna on Girls' school shoes}
{Why is #Fitspo a beauty contest?}
{Women's Sport Trust}
{Hannah Witton on Youtube}
{What to say instead of "you're not fat"}
{Eff Your Fitspo}
{Happy Healthy 50}

Sep 22, 2017

In part two of my conversation with Steph Yeboah we discuss the idea that certain bodies dominate the body positive conversation, further marginalising the people who stand to gain the most from the movement and how the media have so much to answer for in terms of promoting certain more 'acceptable'  bodies over others.  We also talk about the damaging stereotypes that black women live with on a daily basis and how to be an ally for POC by listening, sharing their experiences and supporting their work. Finally we talk about how to build body confidence and be unapologetically yourself. Join in our #bodyapology challenge too. 

Show Notes

{Nerd About Town Instagram | Twitter}
{Nerd About Town Blog}
{Tess Holliday}
{Body Positive Power}
{The Slumflower}
{Being Unapologetically Yourself}
{A Letter to my Body}
{Milk & Honey}
{R. Kelly's Cult}
{A Victim of R.Kelly's weird cult comes forward}

Sep 15, 2017

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: This episode may not be suitable for people with an active eating disorder or for those who feel vulnerable. In this week's 'sode I'm talking to Steph Yeboah - aka Nerd About Town. Steph shares her experiences of being at the receiving end of fat phobia and bullying, and the subsequent self harm and disordered eating she went through. As Steph explains, she’s gone to really extreme measures to try and get the 'perfect body'. We talk about this really painful place to be in where society & people around you are telling you that your body’s a problem, but you can’t change your body so it really becomes a radical act to accept your body, accept your size and begin to love and respect your body. I also go off on a massive tangent about how the idea of healthy or sensible weight loss in a false economy and explain a bit of the weight science behind it (papers in the show notes for HCPs). Anyway, after we take a little detour into weight science, we got back to talking about body image and more specifically where the body positivity movement is at the moment and why Steph identifies more strongly with fat acceptance and fat positivity rather than body positivity. This is such a great episode, I can't wait to share part 2. 

Show Notes: 

{Nerd About Town Instagram | Twitter}
{Nerd About Town Blog}
{Sign up for FOOD FiGHT}
{Don't Salt My Game at the London Podcast Festival}
{Taylor Swift & Donald Trump}
{Stigma & Perpetuation of Obesity}
{Weight Bias in Health Care Settings}
{The Ironic Effects of Weight Stigma}
{Weight Discrimination and Risk of Mortality}

Sep 8, 2017

Laura Stageman is the founder of cruelty free & sustainable fashion watch brand Votch. Today she's sharing her wild story of withdrawal from topical steroid addiction - a painful condition that occurs when an eczema sufferer weans off of their steroid creams. She tells us why  feeling the pain of losing her own skin led her to vow never to wear the skin of another being ever again. We talk about how her debilitating condition left her in the bath for 20 hours a day and the excruciating pain of letting her skin heal. Her story has a happy ending though, and we get talking about ethical, sustainable, and (most importantly) cool vegan fashion. We talk about the struggles of building a brand that goes against the status quo and the creative and innovative solutions for faux leather that are even better than the real deal. Laura shares her favourite brands who are shaking off the idea that vegan shoes, clothes, and accessories are for crunchy hippies, and bringing us cool, fashion forward, compassionate designs. 

Sep 1, 2017

I’m really excited to introduce you to disordered eating dietician Haley Goodrich. Both Haley and I suffer from anxiety and Haley shares some great advice on how she deals with that, as well as her perfectionist tendencies that in her college days manifested as issues with food and over exercise. We discuss how they can morph and show up in other ways even when you've developed a healthy relationship to food. We also talk about the experience of being a nutrition student and how that can really fuel weirdness around food if you have perfectionist tendencies or are predisposed to it in some way. There's also a level of cognitive dissonance where on one hand you’re trying to be the perfect nutrition student, but on the other hand you want to drink beer and eat cake; something that intuitive eating is flexible enough to incorporate but traditional nutrition and dietetics models are way too rigid for which can again cause a lot of anxiety if you’re a perfectionist. Haley is also a total nutrition boss and she shares some advice for really anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur but especially people who want to work within the health at every size, intuitive eating, and non-diet paradigm.

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Show Notes:

{Haley's Website}
{Haley on Facebook |InstagramTwitter}
{Inspird to Seek}
{Baby Goats}
{Pumpkin The Racoon}
{Helping Hurricane Harvey victims}
{Food Fight Intuitive Eating Course}(Use code 'DONTSALTMYGAME')
{The London Podcast Festival Tickets}

Aug 25, 2017

Today I'm talking to body positive yoga teacher and writer, Lily Silverton about the myths surrounding what a 'yoga body' should look like and how the narrow version of yoga, stemming from the beauty myth and propagated by diet culture, fails to make room for for people who deviate from this oppressive norm. We also talk about the concept of Ahimsa and how Lily interprets this to mean making her classes a safe, body positive space for her students. Lastly we talk about how owning your own privilege doesn't mean you can't be body positive, but it does mean that you can be critical of how diet culture has co-opted this term and how it suppresses the voices of already marginalised people. It's about holding ourselves accountable & fighting for diversity & representation of ALL bodies, not just the ones that are already visible, not just the ones we find pretty. We also talk about how, like all social change, fighting for true body positivity, equality, and diversity is slow and we are only at the beginning and how conversations like these are necessary to chip away at the status quo. Lastly, Lily shares some of her favourite bopo yoga accounts to follow. This feels like a heavy conversation in a lot of way - probably because checking our privilege feels uncomfortable, but I hope we can all learn from this. I by no means am suggesting I'm close to perfect in how we talk about these issues, but I want to learn alongside you guys, and use this podcast to learn and grow together ✌️ 

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Show Notes:

{Lily on Facebook | Instagram Twitter}
{All Body Yoga}
{The Myth of the Yoga Body}
{Amputee Yoga}
{Skinny Shaming & Thin Privilege}
{Lily's Interview w/ BodyPosiPanda}
{My Interview w/ BodyPosiPanda
{Naomi Wolf - The Beauty Myth}
{Stoner Yoga}
{Yours Truely Melly on Body Positivity}
{Dana Falsetti}
{Jessamyn Stanley}
{Yoga Bodies Book}
{Big Gal Yoga}
{Morning Gloryville}
{Body Positive Power}
{The London Podcast Festival Tickets}
{Thrive Festival Tickets}
{Lily is an ambassador for the Choose Life Mat Project}

Aug 18, 2017

Alright guys, buckle in, it's a long one. Today I’m joined by NHS specialist Dietitian and everyone’s favourite RD, Nic Whitehead as we debunk all the weird crap that bloggers say on their blogs and social media. We talk about the detox myth, activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, and discuss the whole ‘refined sugar free’ thing. Plus fruit sugars, ‘clean’ plant based milks, and nutrition for acne. We also talk a bit more broadly about developing a healthy relationship with food that doesn’t unnecessarily eliminate or restricts foods and why food is for pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction, and that nutrition is never all or nothing.So much great stuff in this 'sode, think you're gonna enjoy it 👾

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Symprove probiotics are offering Don’t Salt My Game listeners a 12 week supply for £120, so just a tenner a week, saving yourself almost 40 quid! To order, just call them up on 01252 413600 and quote DSMG and they ship it right to your door.

Show Notes:

{Nic’s Blog}

{Nic on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube}

{The Rooted Project Acne Post}

{The Rooted Project Med Diet}

{Mindful Eating}

{The Angry Chef}

{The Gut Health Doctor}

{What The Fruc(tose)?}

{Rosie Saunt Smoothie Post}

{Refined Vs. Unrefined Sugar}

{Stop Pretending Your Chocolate Cake is Salad}

{Food Shaming Post}

{Coco Mint Bounce Balls}

{Oh K! Coffe Hydragel Mask}

{Emily’s Fruit Crisps}


Aug 11, 2017

Chevy Rough is a Human Performance Coach, Mindful Mover, and running coach from the BBC1 documentary, Mind Over Marathon. In today's ep, Chevy shares how he went from City Banker to mindfulness ambassador by using movement to help him overcome and process mental health challenges. We discuss identity, fear of rejection, substance abuse, the stigma around mental health and medication, and using movement as part of your toolkit to help with improving mental health. Finally we talk about what mindful movement actually is, and how to put it into practice (spoiler: get off Strava). Have wanted to get Chevy on the podcast for a long time, so glad to finally make it happen!

Show Sponsor: Symprove are offering their 12 week course of probiotics for £120 exclusively for Don't Salt My Game Listeners - place your order by calling 01252 413600 and quoting 'DSMG'.

{Chevy on Instagram | Twitter}
{Chevy's Website}
The Most Important Lessons from 83,000 Brain Scans (Ted Talk)

Aug 4, 2017

Today I'm so excited to introduce you to Christy Harrison, non-diet dietitian and host of the Food Psych podcast. There's so much in this episode, it's kinda tough to summarise it, but here are some highlights: we discuss the biology of why diets don't work, and, how when you really dig into the literature, it's not an evidence based practice. This raises an interesting question around the ethics of recommending weight loss diets. We also talk about why it's not intuitive eating if you're counting macros or calories and how those things may be keeping you in disordered eating. Christy shares so much insight and wisdom into the intuitive eating process, as well as her own experiences with recovering from an eating disorder. Finally we talk about how to be responsible when sharing messages of body positivity from a place of thin privilege. Buckle in kids, this is a great episode filled with so much great information; I have a feeling you're going to love Christy.

This episode is sponsored by Symprove probiotics. Symprove are offering their 12 week course of probiotics for £120 exclusively for Don't Salt My Game Listeners - place your order by calling 01252 413600 and quoting 'DSMG'.

{Christy on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook}
{The Food Psych Podcast}
{Christy's Website}
{Shrill - Lindy West}
{My Fat Friend on Twitter}
{Flexible Dietary Control vs. Intuitive Eating}
{Isabel Foxen Duke}
{Eating in the Light of The Moon}

Jul 28, 2017

Guys, I'm so excited to be joined today by Zanna Van Dijk - Girl Gains Cofounder, blogger & PT and (surprise!) eco warrior. We talk about what drives her passion for sustainability and why she's a hippy at heart. She shares her hot tips for living a more conscious and environmentally friendly life and we talk about the importance of not putting too much pressure on yourself to nail everything all at once; just do you and do what you can/want to. We also talk about meditation & mindfulness and how Zanna got into it to help her business. We also talk about labels and not putting yourself in a box.
{Zanna on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
{Zanna's Blog | YouTube}
{4 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet}
{Plastic Oceans}
{A Plastic Planet}
{Mindfulness + Meditation episode w/ Tessa Watt}
{iChoc Vegan White Chocolate}
{Divine Dark Chocolate w/ Raspberry}
{Symprove Probiotics}
£120 for a 12 week supply (RRP £158). Call 01252 413600 and quote 'DSMG'

Jul 21, 2017

Alright team, it’s just you and me today. I got asked to share some more information on mindful eating. It plays an important role in intuitive eating and helps us tune into our hunger and fullness cues and it enhances our enjoyment of food (yay!). I’m also sharing a short mindful eating meditation so grab yourself a piece of chocolate and join in. Plus, I’m challenging you guys to one mindful meal a day for the next week to see what discoveries you make! I really hope this episode helps clarify what this really helpful and game changing concept actually means and how to approach it.




{UCL Probiotics Study}


{Vote for me in the CN Magazine Awards}


{My Intuitive Eating Course}


{Diet Culture Episode w/ Pixie}


Jul 14, 2017

HEY OH! I can’t wait to introduce you to this week’s guest, because she’s someone I’ve followed for years, she’s one of the people who originally got me interested in intuitive eating, health at every size and non diet approaches to health and nutrition. Kelsey Miller is senior features writer for Refinery 29 in New York where she writes the column the Anti Diet Project which is all about intuitive eating, body image, and sane fitness. She’s also the author of 'Big Girl:How I Gave up Dieting and Got a Life'. And today we talk a little about her intuitive eating journey and how it’s really hard so don’t buy into the BS on Instagram where bloggers are like, I used to eat clean but now I eat intuitively without any concept of what it actually means (or any carbs on their plate. We also talk about how to be an advocate for body positivity from a place of thin privilege, we talk about recognising other types of privilege in the body positivity space and how unless you’re talking about intersectionality, then you’re kinda part of the problem. And she also gives a lot of great advice about how to get more comfortable with your body and spoiler; it involves getting out of your comfort zone. Really love this conversation.



{Kelsey on Instagram | Twitter}

{The Anti Diet Project}

{Big Girl}

{Kelsey on Body Image : VBO | Going Backless | Boudoir Photos}

{The Origins of Body Positivity on Food Psych Podcast}

Jul 7, 2017

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: This episode may not be suitable for people with an active eating disorder or for those who feel vulnerable.

Daniella Isaacs is an actor who is recovering from orthorexia; she’s written a one woman show called Hear Me Raw about her experiences of how the wellness scene enabled and normalised her eating disorder. In this episode Daniella explains how she got into wellness, how things got bad, then worse, then she lost her period and developed osteopenia - so things got pretty bad before she was able to take a step back and figure some stuff out and give herself the space to find what well looked like for her. I love Daniella's honesty and bravery as she opens up and explains what she went through and she brings an awesome energy and makes this interview really fun even though we're talking about heavy stuff. 

Jun 30, 2017

JARR kombucha are serious game changers, shaking up how we perceive soda alternatives and totally disrupting the kombucha scene in the UK. Join co-founders Adam and Neil as they tell us how their little start up is the talk of London town, their cool plans with WholeFoods, and why their booch is different from everything else on the market. PLUS, we go deep and answer some listener questions on how to homebrew your own kombucha. 

Jun 22, 2017

Alright team, today we’re talking to big baller Izy Hossack of Top With Cinnamon about her new book, The Savvy Cooke. We also talk about Izy’s journey with food and how it changed by studying the science nutrition and how being around other nutrition students can be a kinda intense experience. We also talk a lot about processed food and how that’s not really a helpful way to describe food. Maybe surprisingly, we talk about even when you’re the New Nigella, it’s hard not to stress about likes on social media. Find out what ish bloggers have been saying lately, and why I got into trouble last time Izy was on.

Jun 9, 2017

You’ll remember Chloé Brotheridge from episode 45; she’s an anxiety expert and author of The Anxiety Solution. In this bonus episode she leads us through a ten minute guided meditation into the control room of your mind to help you find stillness and confidence, and reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure you’re sat down somewhere comfortable and quiet for ten minutes. Chloé’s voice is so soothing and she doesn’t make you sit in silence for ages, so this is a great place to start if you’re like, not a meditation person.

Jun 9, 2017

This week's show was recorded in front of a live audience at the DSMG 1st birthday party! I talk to the super cool & super inspiring Jada Sezer, model and mental health/self esteem advocate. We discuss her background in psychology which led her to a career helping young women develop self confidence and self believe through body positivity and positive mental health messages (the trojan horse!). We also talk about the world of plus size modelling and the whole curves trend. Plus, audience member questions about the impact of social media on mental health and the cooption of body positivity by diet culture.

May 26, 2017

This week’s episode is with blogger (and soon to be Dr.) Jennifer Robinson. She’s giving us the lowdown on nutrition ed for med students, we talk about if body positivity is sending the wrong message about health and then we get real about Instagram’s  exercise addiction. We talk about how much is too much, and how this healthy habit can become unhealthy, plus what to do when you can’t stop.

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